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The obsolete nature of Internet Explorer

I rarely take on consulting jobs nowadays, but this post still stands even on the wake of Internet Explorer’s planned demise.   Here’s a declaration I’m making regarding the nature of web projects I’m willing to undertake: Support for the latest non-beta versions of every web browser occurs at no extra charge to the total development cost. Support for inherently…

XSL transformations are awful and create memory leaks!

You know that they suck, so I won’t elaborate on that point, but what about the memory leaks in .net framework?

We had an issue at work with our IISs going crazy and shutting down after a few days of operation. The sysadmin investigated and attributed it to excessive memory usage, having w3wp.exe reaching memory consumption numbers close to the theoretical maximum of a 32-bit process. This problem was postponed for a future investigation since there was no time to resolve it.

PHP and Unicode’s Byte Order Mark

I’ve started messing around with custom websites based on WordPress lately, since it offers a very flexible platform with lots of functionality while still allowing you to customize the final result to your heart’s content. Really, the only real issues with this approach is that 1) we are talking about PHP which happens to not be my platform of choice…

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