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The obsolete nature of Internet Explorer

I rarely take on consulting jobs nowadays, but this post still stands even on the wake of Internet Explorer’s planned demise.   Here’s a declaration I’m making regarding the nature of web projects I’m willing to undertake: Support for the latest non-beta versions of every web browser occurs at no extra charge to the total development cost. Support for inherently…

New beginnings (again)

I’ve been with Interworks for almost a year now. It was an interesting ride, with its ups and downs, and people who were usually pleasant to work with (apart from some specific exceptions) and achieve results. I had a good time thanks to most of the people I was working with, but it’s time to end.

I got a new job

I had a stupid joke here. It’s gone because it was stupid. Right.   Starting Monday I’ll be working as a software developer & engineer at Interworks and I’m very excited about it! I’m posting this here as a disclaimer of sorts, to clarify that this blog, its contents and my own projects are not affiliated nor endorsed by my…