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What’s this then?

Welcome to my very own corner on the web! I’m James Kavakopoulos and I like to label myself as a “software engineer”. I particularly like Microsoft’s creations on the softwareengineeringy subject and tend to specialise in their technologies.

It’s my opinion that there are far too many blogs on the internet; especially those with a Microsoft’s products subject. Still, I occasionally come across a problem which is apparently not discussed by anyone, or have a personal opinion on a matter that would like to share. Occasionally (i.e when my schedule allows it) I may post some bits of code. Since I like other stuff apart from computers I may post about these too here as well.


Before you go…

* Do you need an experienced MS developer/engineer who focuses to detail, thinks ahead and can follow a procedure? If so, I’d like to work for/with you. You can contact me here: ofthetimelords at gmail for further details.

I am currently not looking for employment opportunities, but feel free to ask me anyway.

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