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What in the name of…?

This post is about an quirk and the (lack of) solution of it.

It’s a known fact that WebMethods as provided by the AJAX framework use what’s known as the path info of a url in order to map a request to a Web method. In other words, suppose you need to call a WebMethod called AWebMethod() in page APage.aspx. Suppose your application resides in (I really spent some time thinking about proper names about these. Really).

WordPress 3.x on IIS 7.x with Unicode Permalinks – Problem SOLVED!

Generally speaking, I don’t like wasting time hunting down framework bugs. It’s not that I don’t like a challenge, it’s just that they are usually hard and very time consuming to fix (if at all possible), especially in case you have to deal with fringe cases (in other words, “Google isn’t going to help”). Since we have lots of clients…

On Forum software

Recently, I was searching the web for some information on a subject (I won’t get into details, suffice to say that it had to do with my sound card) when a promising link lead me to a forum discussion (which I won’t name here for obvious reasons). A user had uploaded an image as an attachment with his message so…